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CA Final Ind AS Made Easy (FR) Textbook by CA Ravi Kanth Miriyala & CA Sunitanjani Miriyala

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Short Description :

This book is prepared exclusively for the Final Level of Chartered Accountancy Examination requirement. It covers the entire revised syllabus as per ICAI. The objective of this book is to overcome the following difficulties faced by students in understanding the Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS): The language used in the Ind AS Interlinking the standards Lack of explanation with the help of illustrations This book will be helpful for students of CA-Final, CMA-Final, M.Com. Examinations and other specialized courses.


Ind AS Made Easy (FR) Textbook


CA Ravi Kanth Miriyala,

CA Sunitanjani Miriyala

Commonly used by

Chartered Accountant

Key Benefit
  • As per the revised syllabus announced by ICAI
  • [Self-preparatory Book] The book has been written in a classroom-style-teaching methodology so that the average student can understand & master the subject without assistance
  • [Conceptual Understanding with 1,500+ Detailed Examples] of each point in the standard
  • [Covering all Amendments till April 2022] on Ind AS, including Ind AS 115 & Ind AS 116
  • [Major Differences between Ind AS v. IFRS] are well explained in simple language
  • [Summary of the Standards with Diagrams] is presented at the end of each respective standard
  • [Previous Exam Solved Papers] including:
    • CA-Final | Solved Paper | December 2021 (New Syllabus) | Guideline Answers
    • CA-Final | Solved Paper | May 2022 (New Syllabus) | Guideline Answers
  • [Weightage of Marks for each Ind AS] based on previous attempts
  • [Student-Oriented Book] The authors have developed this book, keeping in mind the following factors:
    • Interaction of the authors with their students, with specific emphasis on difficulties faced by students in the examinations
    • Shaped by the authors' 10+ years experience of teaching the subject matter at different levels
    • Reactions and responses of students have also been incorporated at different places in the book
Content of Book

The Present Publication is the 10th Edition & updated till 30th April 2022 for CA-Final | New Syllabus | Nov. 2022/May 2023 exams. This book is authored by CA Ravi Kanth Miriyala & CA Sunitanjani Miriyala, with the following noteworthy features:

The detailed contents of this book are as follows:

  • Chapter A – Introduction
  • Chapter B – Conceptual framework for financial reporting under Ind AS
  • Chapter C – Important Basics of Ind AS
  • Ind AS 1 – Presentation of Financial Statements
  • Ind AS 2 – Inventories
  • Ind AS 7 – Statement of Cash Flow
  • Ind AS 8 – Accounting Policies, Change in Accounting Estimate and Errors
  • Ind AS 10 – Events after the Reporting Period
  • Ind AS 12 – Income Taxes
  • Ind AS 16 – Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE)
  • Ind AS 19 – Employee Benefits
  • Ind AS 20 – Accounting for Government Grants
  • Ind AS 21 – The Effect of Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates
  • Ind AS 23 – Borrowing Costs
  • Ind AS 24 – Related Party Disclosures
  • Ind AS 27 – Separate Financial Statements
  • Ind AS 33 – Earnings Per Share
  • Ind AS 34 – Interim Financial Reporting
  • Ind AS 36 – Impairment of Assets
  • Ind AS 37 – Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets
  • Ind AS 38 – Intangible Assets
  • Ind AS 40 – Investment Property
  • Ind AS 41 – Agriculture
  • Ind AS 101 – First-time Adoption of Indian Accounting Standards
  • Ind AS 105 – Non-current Assets Held for Sale and Discontinued Operations
  • Ind AS 108 – Operating Segments
  • Ind AS 109, 32 & 107 – Financial Instruments
  • Ind AS 113 – Fair Value Measurement
  • Ind AS 115 – Revenue from Contracts with Customers
  • Ind AS 116 – Leases
  • Differences between Ind AS and IFRS, i.e., Carve-outs & Carve-in


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CA Ravi Kanth Miriyala,

CA Sunitanjani Miriyala


10th Edition



Date of Publication

June 2022

No. of Pages888

Ravi Kanth Miriyala

CA Ravi Kanth Miriyala is a practising Chartered Accountant with over fourteen years of professional experience in Accounting and Auditing. He has worked with Deloitte & PwC for over six years and accomplished audits both in Indian and US GAAP.

In this role of Principal Consultant (Ind AS Projects), he has advised companies on issues related to identification of differences between Ind AS and their existing accounting policies, impact assessment on the transition to Ind AS, evaluation of policy options available under Ind AS, finalization of Ind AS accounting policies, preparation of Ind AS opening balance sheet on the transition date and various disclosure requirement as per the new standard.

A prolific writer and authored academic books for CA Inter & Final students on Accounting Standards and Ind AS.


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